Our product range

Fennel is a surprisingly delicious and highly versatile vegetable.
Litjens Venkel has a complete product range fennel.

Litjens Venkel offers a complete fennel product range during the season.
The standard product range consists of the following fennel grades:

       • Fennel size 60 - 80 mm
       • Fennel size 80 - 100 mm
       • Fennel size 100 - 120 mm

An exclusive Litjens Venkel product. Click here for more information about innovations.

Litjens Venkel's modern machinery allows us to offer variations in size and weight according to customer requirements. In addition, we can discuss customer specific options of various cuts.Please inquire about the possibilities: here our passion is the standard.

We are happy to advise customers about fennel and to keep them informed about the latest developments surrounding this healthy vegetable. Developments in product range, in packaging and the latest fennel innovations. And, naturally, all in compliance with current demands and requirements. Please refer to our list of certification .

It is our pleasure to share our pride with you.