From mixed farm to focus on fennel

Around 1970, Joop Litjens’ father started his mixed farm at the current Leunen location. In this case, ‘mixed’ meant arable farming and pig farming. For a short time, Joop Litjens also worked in the family business but from 1988 he was also employed on a mixed farm in the region.

In 1993, Joop decided to start cultivating fennel in the evenings. A healthy, relatively unknown vegetable bursting with growth potential in the market. Sales and growth went well.
In 1995, it was decided to focus fully on fennel cultivation.
By now, fennel was being cultivated on 3 hectares. In 1999, after many years of growth, the step was taken to expand to 10 hectares. At the same time, substantial investments were made in machinery, making Litjens Venkel one of the major growers in the Netherlands.

Today, in 2008, this development has continued and Litjens Venkel is now the biggest grower with a 50 hectare cultivation area. The focus on fennel has proven to be the right choice. With its know-how and expertise Litjens Venkel is a passionate fennel grower to various market segments with an eye for innovation.